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F1 - Opens the bank;
F2 - Options;
F3 - Bot Manager;
F4 - Lists;
F5 - Packet Spammer;
F6 - Auto Relogin;
F7 - Use boosts menu.

Options menu:

Lag Killer;
Auto use boosts(XP, CP, Gold and Rep);
Enemy Magnet;
Skill Editor;
'Rest if HP is less than' button;
Get boosts(XP, CP, REP and GOLD);
Reject Drops;
Skip custscene;
Change Walk Speed;
Toggle public/private rooms;
Botting features:
Arcangrove Rep;
Alchemy reagents;
Ancient Vitae;
Bamboozle vs Dudgen bot;
Banished XP & Gold;
Chronospan Rep;
Combat Trophies;
Dark Spirit Orbs[member-only];
Doomwood rep;
Dwakel Gold;
Dwarfhold rep;
Diamonds Of Nulgath;
Elder's Blood potion;
Emblem of Longevity;
emblem of Good Luck;
Etherstorm Airstorm rep;
Etherstorm war rep;
Fuchsia & Magenta Dye;
Finding Fragments with Bow, Mace and Blade;
Generic Attack Bot;
Golden Dragon Spear;
Good & Evil (requires rank 4 in both);
Horc rep;
Legion Exercise 1;
Legion Exercise 2;
Legion Exercise 3;
Legion Exercise 4;
Legion Insanely Insane;
Legion tokens(Soul Collector, non Soul Collector and Evil War);
Lycan rep;
Mana Golem bot;
Mythsong rep;
Pay homage to Caladbolg;
Rays Of Hope;
Sandsea rep;
Sparrow's Blood potion;
Spirit Orbs;
Spirit Orbs [2];
Skyguard Rep[member only];
Supplies To Spin the Wheel of Chance;
Tainted Gems;
Tainted Gems[2]
Tainted Souls;
Timeportal CP;
Totems of Nulgath;
Totems of Nulgath bot[M];
Troll Rep;
Troll + Horc;
Undead Essence;
Undead Pirates XP bot;
Viper's Blood potion;
Vampire rep;
Yokai rep;

Supported Classes:

All classes are supported.
Credits to JamesR

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